Food Access 
Food Hub

Urban City Fresh is approved to accept EBT/Food Stamps & Credit Cards.

Food Education

Pop culture is using the term “food deserts” but we believe the issue is actually FOOD Access.  

Our main focus is connecting all the elements of the food system/cycle and bringing fresh food access, consistency, and convenience to urban communities. The food system includes: Local/regional growers, urban farmers, schools, small markets, grocers, convenience stores, and community residents.

From the farm

To our inner city Food Hub

To either Carts or Small Market Partner Locations

To local residents, tourist or those working in the area.

Whatever we don't use returns to compost which returns to the farm. 

Be it a simple recipe card, medical nutrition info, a conversation, a talk in school, a cooking lesson, or an online video; Food Education is a critical part of keeping us well enough to do whatever we do, best! Understanding what fuel our body needs, having access to that food, knowing how to prepare it and appreciating is very important to creating a healthy culture of urban living. Socioeconomics should never have to play a part in who is healthier and who is not. 

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