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Farm to Fork Kids™ Cooking Programs 

The objective of the Farm to Fork Kids program is to help children connect with their food and sources of their food so they make better decisions about what they are eating, improve their overall health and ability to prepare meals themselves. This is a hands-on program. All children will be participating in a cooking related activity daily.

We want children to understand which foods help foster good nutrition and what that means in their day to day lives. Additionally, we want children to become accustomed to tasting various produce that is accessible near their households and within their families’ budgets. Children will become empowered with tools to make simple meals without extensive help from adults and will be able to use these skills throughout life.

Children will learn how to:

  • Prepare and cook healthy meals for themselves using all fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers

  • Identify food in various natural states from growing to harvesting

  • Use herbs and spices to create flavor profiles

  • Write, read, & develop recipes

  • Develop soft skills for possible jobs and/or careers in the food industry

    • Safety in the kitchen

    • Avoiding public health hazards (handwashing, covering mouth, cleanliness)

    • How to hold and use knives

    • Learning different knife skills

    • Plating (food presentation)


Farm to Fork Kids™ is an Atlanta based program developed and run by local, professional chefs.

All children ages 6-17 welcome

Cost is $27 per student.  Includes a 1.5-hour lesson in all things food and nutrition. Delicious farm fresh food included!

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