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Urban City Fresh (UCFresh) is dedicated to creating a culture of wellness via food education, access and opportunity.





We believe that food is the foundation for health & wellness so we provide communities convenient, consistent, and easy access to fresh foods and food education. We meet people where they are and help provide a good food foundation so they can be the best version of themselves. 



Urban City Fresh is a 501c(3) (non-profit) organization founded in September 2015.  The mission of the organization is to create a culture of healthy, sustainable urban living.



Our founder has spent 2+ decades working to connect fresh produce to restaurants and individuals promoting healthy, whole living. After moving to the south and living in a low-income inner city where three generations of individual main access to food were via convenience stores where there was little to no fresh food access.


These same communities were riddled with medical issues like diabetes, obesity, hunger, kidney disease and food allergies. Through her own struggles with health, wellness, and poverty she created scalable solutions for many impoverished communities. 


Today UC Fresh teaches hands-on, interactive, live courses on preparing meals from the farm to the fork in 30 minutes or less, how to identify fresh food, connect communities with local farms, recipe development, and sponsors the International Food Allergen Management Academy. 


Farm to Fork Kids


We've been operating our Farm to Fork KidsTM summer camp at Truly Living Well program since 2015.


We've expanded our food education programs and are currently working in after-school programs where we have partnered with the city of Atlanta.


We are looking for other schools, after-school programs and senior programs to partner with as well. 


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Sponsor a student for $24/day for the one-week program.


UC Fresh is a registered 501c3 (nonprofit) organization, so donations are tax deductible. 

Sponsor a Child


“Once we have a good relationship with food, we will naturally gravitate to what’s right for our body. It’s getting all of us to that place, that is my mission" ~Chef Lara, 

  •  15.3 million children in America live in food insecure environments

  • Childhood obesity impacts 12. 7 million in the US by CDC's reports as of 2012.

  • Diabetes impacts 30 million Americans according to the American Diabetes Association. 

  • 15 million Americans are diagnosed with life-threatening Food Allergy Disease according to Food Allergy Research Education. 

  • Regional Farmers/Growers in the US often lack the skill set/resources to get food to urban areas. 

  • Urban markets lack the resources & knowledge to carry perishable produce. ​​

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